Restaurant Ratings features restaurants in Muscle Shoals, New Hope, Florence and Athens

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There’s a lot going on at our first stop this week on Restaurant Ratings—

Captain D’s in Muscle Shoals was found storing cleaning products on the same shelf as to-go food containers and above a reach-in cooler. Inspectors also found several dirty dishes stacked with clean dishes, there was no date mark on stored green beans and mac n cheese, and one of the coolers was storing meat at hazardous temperatures.

Captain D’s, 2710 Woodward Ave, Muscle Shoals     Score of: 79


Our next step is El Paso Mexican Restaurant in New Hope where inspectors found rodent droppings in their dry storage room. Time to invest in some traps!

El Paso, 10160 Hwy 431, New Hope     Score of: 89


And Bojangles in Athens was deemed good to go on the inside of the building, but inspectors found a leaky dumpster outside.

Bojangles, 1316 Hwy 72, Athens     Score of: 90 



The Carriage, Mobile Unit, FLorence     Score of: 99

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