“Love Takes Center Stage” – Local couple’s engagement video goes viral

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Ask anyone who does theater - the tech rehearsal before a big show is stressful.  “It’s a long night," says Jessica Alexander.

Naturally, she was concerned when her Assistant Director grabbed her by the arm back stage. “He was like, sit down in this spot, I want you to see something and I honestly thought, oh no, what’s wrong with the set?" says Alexander.

From the beginning, when you watch the video, you can tell Jessica knew something was up. “And then the music starts playing, and I’m like, that’s not Christmas Carol music," she says.

The dancers weren't hired hands; they were all either Jessica's dance students or a part of the theater family.  “Third couple came out, the gentleman dancing was one of my best friends and it started to hit, and then when he and Mary Ann came out, it was, oh, I think I know what this is," says Alexander.

Her boyfriend, Michael Bradley, says he had been drafting the script for this, since March. Not a natural dancer himself, he even hired a choreographer.  “She said, we can get this in one rehearsal. I was like, one rehearsal? We need more than that! So we had two," says Bradley.

The music, the lights, the carefully chosen moves and steps all culminated to the big moment - a bended knee, a question, and a kiss.

It's only fitting the upcoming show is "A Christmas Carol."

"The show is so much about love," says Alexander. The plot focuses on reflections of the past, and visions of the future. Jessica says she couldn't have dreamed up a better proposal.

“It turned out great, it was a perfect proposal," she says.

Even the audience was perfectly planned. Both their parents were hiding in the wings, all to witness, love take center stage.

“Other than just how I love him for how much work he had put into it, and all of our friends and everybody else to make what I had just seen happened, it was amazing," says Alexander.


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