“It can be replaced. People cannot.” – Family of Ider tornado victims says they’re recovering, future of daycare uncertain

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IDER, Ala. – Crews are assessing damage in multiple counties, trying to piece together what the tornadoes left behind. A business in Ider was destroyed but among one family, the belief that things happen for a reason and items can be replaced is holding strong.

Words don’t come easily to convey exactly what you see or exactly what you feel when you walk through tornado damage. Video doesn’t capture what your senses do. Pictures don’t adequately display what you can see.

You catch a glimpse into other people’s lives, because their belongings are scattered in a straight line.

That’s what they are though – things. Replaceable.

“My dad owns the property and the building. My mom owned the business,” John Price says, standing on what’s left of it.  “Ider Christian Academy Daycare. It’s a faith-based daycare facility. We opened it as a non-profit for the area,” he explains.

Several members of his family took shelter in the building when the EF3 tornado came through DeKalb County early Wednesday morning. They were injured when the building was torn apart.

Price says his family is recovering. Some of them are released from the hospital. He says others are in critical but stable condition, or in good condition.

The future of the daycare is up in the air. Price says they haven’t discussed it, because family is more important right now.

The business is gone, but Price says it could be worse.

“Being that I’m a Christian, my faith dictates that nothing happens without it being planned by God. I believe that even though we’re going through a lot, it’s going to touch somebody’s life somewhere. Some small way, it will touch somebody’s life.”

“This is just stuff,” Price said, “Sentimental stuff, but it’s stuff, and it can be replaced. People cannot.”

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