Governor Robert Bentley tours tornado damage in DeKalb, Jackson Counties

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Governor Robert Bentley tours tornado damage in Ider

IDER, Ala. –   Thursday Governor Robert Bentley toured damage sites in three counties affected by tornadoes.

State and local officials drove with Governor Bentley through Ider in DeKalb County on Thursday.

They stopped at homes that were caved in, homes that were shifted off of the foundation, and a daycare that was destroyed.

“I’ve been to so many places since 2011 and seen probably 100 tornadoes, and when people’s lives were saved the only thing that would be saved is the place where the people were, and it makes me believe, like I do believe, that God looks after people,” Governor Bentley said.

Bentley visited families and talked with them about what they experienced late Tuesday and early Wednesday when storms swept through their community.

The tornado that touched down near Ider damaged or destroyed dozens of homes, knocked out power to thousands of people, and injured several others.

“When people go through something like this, they’re just so emotionally drained,” Bentley says, “You know, the first day, they go through cycles. The first day they’re just still living on adrenaline. The second day they realize how close they came to dying.”

Governor Bentley went to Rosalie afterward, in Jackson County.  Three people died in that community. Bentley also planned a stop in Winston County.

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