EF3 tornado leaves Danville and Neel communities with heavy damage

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - The National Weather Service in Huntsville dispatched some teams to survey the impact of the storms from Tuesday. One of those crews went to Morgan County near the Neel and Danville areas.

The NWS confirmed an EF3 tornado touched down there. Those areas are now leaning on each other in a difficult time. For the Danville and Neel communities it is more important than ever as they're left with the damage.

NWS meteorologist in charge Chris Darden, spent all day in Neel doing storm surveys. He said what sets this event apart is that it happened late at night, so most people rode these storms out in their homes. But they did do the right thing by taking shelter in interior rooms.

"I talked to a few folks a little while ago that actually said they saw power flashes, they heard snapping of trees, that's pretty common as the tornado's approaching, and that's kind of a good indicator that hey, something really bad's about to happen," he said.

Darden said one thing that stuck out to him in the aftermath is the community response.

"Going out and doing the storm surveys and hearing from the community, it's amazing to me that even an hour after the storms hit, and here we are two days after the event,  the communities have come together, people have bonded together," he said.

Neighbors are helping each other clean up, providing meals and just generally showcasing what a tight-knit community they are.

"This is the epitome of a community, and the way that they support each other, people need to see this," said District Two Morgan County Commissioner Randy Vest.

Commissioner Vest said right now they just want to offer support as the community begins to rebuild.

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