Installed but not active, lack of working sirens concern Rosalie community members

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ROSALIE, Ala. - Residents say the tornado touchdown in Rosalie came as a shock to everyone.  No one expected that last hit.

"We went to the storm shelter and we talked to our friends and nobody knew," said Torie Boshears.  "Everybody showed up to the shelter after the fact because nobody knew."

Many residents were expecting a warning or even a siren to alert them.

Officials with Jackson County EMA say that Rosalie has the outdoor warning sirens installed but they are not activated.

"We've all seen how bad it can get right here. Its happened right here already. We needed those."

The sirens are funded by the individual communities that have them.  Because Rosalie is such a small community, funding has come up short.

Felix Jackson of the Jackson County EMA says the town had starting raising money for the sirens, but it is still not enough.

Boshears says after this tragedy the community is ready to help make sure something is done. "Lets get together and fix it," she says. "Somebody needs to figure out what we need to do and get it done. Just what I hope is the next time this happens I want there to be something in place."

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