Storm recovery begins as sun sets on Rosalie

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ROSALIE, Ala. - The community of Rosalie may be suffering with the loss of life and devastation of homes and businesses, but with help the healing begins.

You don't have to look hard to find the good in the bad situation.

"Even though it’s devastation, we’re still here," said Rosalie Baptist Church pastor Roger Little. "This is not something that is going to knock us down, get us down."

He noted all the volunteers spread throughout the community. People, including members of the Sand Mountain Baptist Association relief team, are out helping repair roofs and pick up debris in the local cemetery. Little said that's the great thing about small towns.

"We’re going to keep moving," he said.

While debris clutters woods, and the remains of homes, the storm's path is unmistakable. Little said his church will need repairs, and the playground they were so proud of is destroyed, but they're blessed that their church family is alive and well.

Help also comes in the form of food. The owners of Western Sizzlin' brought the food truck to the center of Rosalie outside the beauty shop, where for the next few days they are serving free food to anyone who needs it. Deputies, firefighters, and people who have no other means to cook a meal gathered there Wednesday.

“It just lets everybody know that there’s some real good people out here," said Helen Young, as she received meals for her family.

Cook Cody McCreary said they felt it was their duty to help any way they can. “We are local. We live right down the road," he said. "Those tornadoes came right over our houses. So we figured, we gotta get out and help our community.”

The Salvation Army is also posted up at the Rosalie Rescue Squad, with donated goods welcome there after the roads reopen and power crews are finished with their work. They're in need of tarps, nails, hammers, water, Gatorade/Poweraid, and soup. The building is on Highway 71 in Rosalie, not far down from the Rosalie Baptist Church.

Rosalie is feeling love from many communities as it works to stand again.

"We’re putting our faith in God and moving up," commented Little. "He’s not going to put more on us than we can stand."

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