UPDATE: Dozens of homes, buildings damaged or destroyed in DeKalb Co. tornado, several people injured

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IDER, Ala. - The storms that killed three people in Rosalie continued on and hit again near Ider in DeKalb County, injuring several people, knocking out power, and destroying homes.

The path the tornado took when it touched down early Wednesday morning near Ider is clear: twisted trees like broken toothpicks still stand, branches litter the ground, and a trail of debris marks a clear direction.

The National Weather Service confirms at 12:13 a.m. a tornado touched down in Dekalb County near Ider, 12 miles southwest of Trenton.

DeKalb County Emergency Management officials say three adults and three teens are injured  after the building they sought shelter in was hit by a tornado near Ider. Another adult was in the building at the time and was evaluated and released. The building where the seven people sought shelter was a daycare. One of the people worked at the daycare, EMA officials say, and they went there to ride out the storm. The daycare is destroyed, like other surrounding buildings. EMA officials say the people were attempting to get into a saferoom in the daycare when the storm hit.

Thousands of people were without power Wednesday morning.

"Right now we still don't know the entire extent of damages. We estimated during the dark that we probably have 50 to 60 homes that were damaged. Probably 25 of those were completely destroyed," DeKalb County EMA Director Anthony Clifton says.

Clifton reiterates this is all estimations. Crews spent Wednesday assessing the damage near Ider. "We estimate that there are probably 15 to 20 chicken houses that were completely destroyed," Clifton says.

Several people are injured. "We're trying to get reports back now, but I do know that there are three that are critical," DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris says.

"It is an emergency situation. If you don't have a need to be in here, don't be in here, because we have so many emergency vehicles that need to do repairs and that will be a lot easier if we don't have a lot of traffic and onlookers," Ider Police Chief Buddy Crabtree says.

EMA officials say if you would like to volunteer to help, you can do so, but officials ask that you don't be around the damaged areas unless you are doing a job. If you would like to volunteer, you're asked to call DeKalb County EMA in Fort Payne or go to the Ider Town Hall.

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