Madison County neighbors thankful for the sunrise, safety following Tuesday’s storms

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Some neighbors are still picking up pieces of their properties following Tuesday night's storms. Those who live near Highway 72 East in Madison County off of Rock Hill Circle are still shaken from the sights and sounds overnight.

Neighbors like Mary Saint and her husband are glad the worst is over.

"We all stayed up most of the night," Saint said. "We were too afraid."

When driving along the roads in the area, people can still see the storms' aftermath in the roads, in yards and along fences.

"It started out with just the rain, and then it started blowing really hard, the house shook, everything just started flying," Saint remembered. "Trees are down over around the corner, power lines. "Our fences are down, my in-laws' shed, some of the aluminum or metal came off the shed."

Saint said the weather on Tuesday night was unlike any she's ever seen.

"It was loud, it was horrible, horrible," Saint said. "I'm from California so I've never experienced a tornado that came so close."

As the sun rose on Wednesday, neighbors finally ventured out, thankful for their safety and grateful for an end to the storm.

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