Free2Be headquarters among those displaced by the storm

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Storm damage wrecked the home base of the local non-profit Free2Be. Four other businesses also share the building.

Free2Be CEO James Robinson said when he got into work Wednesday he didn't realize how bad the storm damage was in their building.

"At first it was just water running on the carpet, but you walk into the hallway and first you begin to see the sagging ceiling tiles, that could burst at any moment," said Robinson.

The HVAC on top of their building is falling through the ceiling, leaving the inside and the back of the building unstable.

"They said that if a spark had come off of that HVAC the building would've exploded," said Robinson.

He said they probably won't be let back in at all, and he believes the entire building will be condemned.

"Everything, this is a total loss for us, and right now we're just planning what to do."

Robinson said right now they're in crisis mode, just trying to create another safe space for their clients as soon as possible.

"We just moved in here, we moved in September and we were just getting settled and flowing smoothly, and everything, and the staff getting adjusted, we had bought all new furniture," he explained.

He said it's going to take some time to get back to that. The building complex does have an empty space. Free2Be will move there for the time being, but they will have nothing to put in it. From here, they will be working on raising money to help refurbish their loss.

Free2Be works to end violence while advocating for the human and civil rights of sexual and gender minorities. More information is available at

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