The voice of CBS Sports, Verne Lundquist is turning off the microphone after the 2016 season

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In the 80 Iron Bowl games that have been played, for the most part the favorite won each time.

Numbers never lie, but you know who's seen some of those upsets live in person? Verne Lundquist.  He's called countless Iron Bowl games but tonight will be his last.

Uncle Verne is hanging up his headset after this season, saying goodbye to the SEC on CBS.

WHNT News 19's Greg Screws caught up with the play-caller that fans either love, or love to hate.

Verne Lundquist has a thousand stories. Like the one about Coach Bryant before the 315 game.

"Pat Dye was on his first year at Auburn. And the Dear was a little grumpy. And I said coach we need to do the halftime interview. And he looked at me and said in an even deeper voice and said 'Son, we're about to kick off.'  And I said coach, I promise you this, we're not gonna kick off till we do this interview. 'Well. be quick about it then.'" remembers Lundquist.

Verne, and his iconic voice will step away from SEC football broadcast after this season. He's been part of the SEC on CBS since 2000. It's hard to imagine Verne at home, just watching.

"I yell at the television. I just do.  I like some guys on the air better than others.  And the ones i don't like, I've been knows to be at my home in Steamboat Springs, and yell 'Will you please shut up?' Cause I know they are doing it to me." says Verne.

Verne loves the Iron Bowl.  And he has ties to the state on both sides of the rivalry.  He is close friends with Philip Lutzenkirchen's family.

Lutzie was fan favorite tight-end for Auburn. He died in June of 2014 in a single vehicle accident.

"I think of all the young men that i met, in the 17 years of doing this game, I knew Philip about as well as anybody.  His family always stayed where we did when we did Auburn LSU.  I got to know Philip's mother and dad.  His three sisters and Lutzenkirchen. One of on the staff at Turner Sports.  And I loved him."

An incredible career, he's excelled at it all.  But one group that just hasn't warmed to Verne is Alabama fans.

"It's a passion for the home team.  I get that, but the vitriol is a bit much." he claims.

"We are neutral.  We are doing a national game.  And I really think that if you don't say 'we,' people assume you are against them.  We're not.  We have no axe to grind.  Both of us hope we have a competitive ball game." says Verne.

With such an illustrious career, Verne has built quite the memorabilia collection in his office.  But his favorite piece.....a snapshot of himself with Bear Bryant.

"Someone snapped a photo of the two of us.  Me pleading with him at halftime.  Coach you gotta please stop.  He's looking at me like this.  Someone sent me the 8x10 black and white and two months later, I get a 'To Verne.  From Coach Paul Bear Bryant. Number 315 and it's on my office."

Love him or hate him, you have to respect Verne Lundquist. No one does it better.

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