Local Fyffe business tells us why it’s important to support Small Business Saturday

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FYFFE, Ala. - 2 Blondes with Junk in the Trunk opened this past August in Fyffe.

"We were talking because we were going to have to do something with both of our other businesses, and one of the vendors said are you going into business together and we were like 'hmm'," says Janie Hancock, owner of the store.

This vendor mall hosts several local businesses and artists in one store.  They provide crafts, clothes, furniture, just about anything you can think of.

"We try to get local people that have local talents and crafts and get them in here and give them a chance to do the things that they love to do and the things that they are good at in order for them to be a little small business too," says Charlene Higheaugh, owner of the store.

This mall is a great way to showcase local talent but also add more businesses to the area.

"To support local is amazing. I mean the opportunities are amazing for what businesses can come in. The jobs it can create in other areas," says Janie.

More business in the area means more money for the city, which is a major reason to support local business owners and invest in your community this coming Saturday.

"We live in this community and if we support our community and we give back. Of course you know we pay the tax, we pay the sales taxes which in turn helps with the schools," says Charlene.  "Helps with the police officers. It helps with all the different services the town is able to offer us."

Owners say the store is not only a business but a passion for them.  They're grateful for all the support they receive from local shoppers.

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