Florence Police patrol Black Friday in a unique way

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FLORENCE, Ala. - Black Friday sales have officially kicked off the holiday season. Of utmost importance for law enforcement is security and safety for shoppers.

Shoppers in Florence on Thursday night and Friday morning likely did a double-take while in the parking lots. There, across the way, Florence Police Department Mounted Unit.

Four officers, all on horseback, were on patrol during Black Friday sales.

112516-sgt-robby-talcott“Being elevated above the other vehicles we are able to look down each aisle and make sure nobody is doing anything,” explained Sgt. Robby Talcott with the Florence Police Department.

Sgt. Talcott said they can quickly get through parking lots and between cars. And these aren’t just ordinary horses. They go through extreme training and assist the Mobile Police Department during Mardi Gras.

“They subject them to everything from flares, fire, having things thrown at them, to just regular equitation which is just learning how to ride the horse itself,” Talcott said.

112516-ld-fpd-mounted-patrol-630pm-pkg2And it’s not just all work for these horses. Everywhere they go, they get quite a bit of attention.

“People love the horses, we try to get out and let the kids enjoy petting the horses as well as other people,” stated Talcott.

And from the way it appears, the horses love the attention as well.

The Florence Police Department Mounted Unit is activated during large festivals and holidays throughout the year. The police department has five horses in which they take care of.

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