Millions to hit the roads over the holiday weekend; Troopers urge safety

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. - Millions of people are expected to be on the highways across the nation over the next few days.

Whether you’re traveling to see family or just the local shopping center, you will notice more law enforcement. State troopers are ramping up patrols, looking to keep drivers safe while behind the wheel.

112316-ld-holiday-traffic-safety-pkg-2“It’s our busiest time of year for travelers and it’s something we see throughout the state,” stated ALEA spokesman Sr. Trooper Jonathan Appling. “We see a lot of crashes; last year had 10 fatalities during the Thanksgiving travel period. So it’s also a dangerous time to be on the road. So we need the motoring public’s help.”

Trooper Appling said to follow the basic safety tips they are constantly speaking about. Wear your seat belt, don’t drive distracted, and never drive under the influence.

Appling stressed to always follow the speed limit, and make sure to leave for your destination in plenty of time.

“Driving isn’t always about you and what’s going on with you,” explained Appling. “It’s about everyone that you are sharing that roadway with. Because one mistake that we make as drivers could just as easily injure or kill someone else.”

Of all the fatalities across the state of Alabama, Trooper Appling says nearly 60% of the victims choose not to wear their seat belt. So please take a second to buckle up.

According to AAA, more than 43.5-million drivers are expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend. They say that number is fueled by cheaper gas prices.