Iron Bowl: Saying you’re for Auburn vs. Alabama is like declaring a political party

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Only a few days left until the biggest match up of the year-- you guessed it: the Iron Bowl.

"Everybody is trying to get geared up for that epic match-up this weekend," said Academy Sports Store Manager, David Childers.

Jerseys, helmets, tumblers and more. Whatever you want with your team’s logo, you can get.

But even as a store manager, Childers says it can be tough letting someone purchase something for the other team.

Saying you’re for one team over the other is like saying you’re a democrat or republican. You believe in the side you back.

Speaking of politics: Since 1988, every year a republican has won the presidency, so has Auburn. And every year a democrat--you guessed it: Alabama.

But local Alabama fan Alesa Eagher says this year’s election wasn't typical, so she thinks neither will the outcome of the game. "I think Alabama is still going to roll."

But Auburn fan Mike Leopard doesn't agree: "Y'all said Trump was behind in the polls and there was no way he'd be elected. And Auburn might be behind in the polls, but look out come game day."

But up until game day, mum's the word. "We're all Alabama fans except my daughter," said Eagher.

So at the Thanksgiving dinner table: "We try not to let it come up," said Leopard. "That way we can enjoy the meal and we wait until after the game is over with to get ugly."