Fire destroys home in Lincoln County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. – An early morning fire off Hwy 110 in the Cash Point community of Ardmore, Tennessee, left a family of three without a home.

Though heaters can be a source of warmth, they can also lead to disastrous fires. That is what one Ardmore family is now facing after waking up to a fire in their home early Wednesday morning. Neighbors said the family dog alerted the three adults to the fire around 5:30.

They discovered a fully involved fire in the kitchen. They believe their kerosene heater started the blaze. The family got out safely, but the home is a total loss. Unfortunately, the family did not have insurance. The Red Cross is helping them.

Volunteer firefighters from Lincoln County spent hours monitoring hot spots. Winds and floating embers sparked a couple of small grass fires, but they were put out.

Fires like this illustrate just how careful you need to be heating your home. No one ever thinks something like this could happen to them. We have talked with multiple fire officials across the area this year about keeping your family safe. Their reminders may be things you’ve heard before, but they bear repeating.

“If you’re going to be using a fireplace or a portable space heater, make sure you don’t have anything that will burn within 3 feet of those heaters,” said Alabama Fire Marshal Ed Paulk.

Capt. Frank Mckenzie with the Huntsville Fire Department said,  “Make sure you have smoke detectors in your house. Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house. If you have a fireplace or natural gas, carbon monoxide, you can`t smell it see it or anything and it`s very deadly.”

And finally, Russellville Fire Marshal Justin Green wants people to know,  “Try to make sure if you are going to use a heater to not use an extension cord, not plug them into the same breaker,” he said.

If you would like to help, family members have set up a Go Fund Me page, here.