Donations help Douglas Police reach goal of giving emergency first aid kits to Marshall Co.’s law enforcement

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DOUGLAS, Ala. -- Marshall County communities helped Douglas police officers reach a goal to give an emergency first aid kit to each law enforcement official in Marshall County.

Once the final kits are put together, each law enforcement official will be equipped with an emergency first aid kit. The kits are to be used in an officer down or an active shooter situation. The kits cost about $100  each. They're uniform, filled with items like tourniquets, compressing bandages, and blood clotting agents.

Douglas Police officers wanted to make one for each law enforcement official in Marshall County, and through community donations, they did it. "In the middle of August we went out with our public sponsorship requests for these individual first aid kits," Sergeant Doug Kubik says.

Donations poured in throughout the entire county. "We've had over 110 individual sponsors, anywhere from 3,000 to five dollars so we've got little kids raising money, we had private businesses that sent in donation checks, so we've been really blessed," Kubik says.

Most of the departments in the county got the kits already, along with a demonstration on how to use them. "We've distributed over 110 packs, and we're in the process of putting more together - another 90 packs worth of materials - so we have all the materials purchased," Kubik says.

Kubik says Marshall County communities stepped up, and made their goal possible. "The individuals who I spoke to were very caring and interested in the life and safety and health of the police officers in Marshall County."