Shoals business owners to benefit from new hospital construction

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FLORENCE, Ala. - If there is a bright side to not getting any rain over the last several weeks, it can be found on Veterans Drive in Florence. The site of the new North Alabama Medical Center is being transformed.


Jason Adams, Construction Manager for Layton Construction

“We’re taking advantage of the dry weather. I know it’s not convenient to everyone, but to construction it is,” explained Jason Adams, Construction Manager for Layton Construction. “Production is high; we are getting a lot of earthwork moved. But there’s a lot more to do.”

And that is why there was a line of people outside the construction office at 11:30 A.M. Tuesday. They were business owners and managers who have been invited to network with the general contractor, Layton Construction.

“It’s sub-contractors, suppliers, hotel owners, people with rental houses. Because the financial impact the amount of dollars coming into the community is tremendous,” Adams said.

112216-ld-hospital-contractors-6pm-pkgLayton Construction and RCCH Hospital Group have made it their mission to involve the community as much as possible.

“We are setting a goal of 70% to 80% to try to obtain, which is very doable,” stated Adams. “We found some very qualified contractors here in the area. So it’s very important to us because we are building a hospital for the community.”

And it appears the community is eager to work with them as well.

The cost of the North Alabama Medical Center is well over $200-million. They hope to have it operational by the beginning of 2019.