Jackson County Park playground makes progress this week

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. -  "We've come a long way with what's happening with it and it's looking real good and I'm really excited about what the end result will be for families in our community."

The County took over the playground in 1969, and much the equipment hadn't been renovated since that time. That was until new equipment arrived last week.

"Everything that's out there right now, with the exception of the small kiddy area there, that's a new structure. Everything else is painted with the green, burgundy and beige colors, that's all stuff that is existing and was sand blasted and cleaned up and repainted," says Commissioner Matthew Hodges.

The quality of the existing equipment allowed for refurbishing instead of replacing everything.

"That stuff is sturdy material and sturdy equipment, so we're able to keep a lot of the old equipment because we did that."

With the park reaching almost one acre, Jackson County officials say this will be a main attraction for residents as well as traveling families.

"This is one of the most utilized playgrounds also. You come through here on a Saturday or Sunday and there are just lots of children and lots of families out here utilizing," says Commissioner Hodges.  "We got the walking trail around here with it, we got the water on the other side of the park here, so you know there are a lot of things to do at this park and families like to come and spend that time here."

They're hoping to have the playground area of the park open by the end of the year.