Group concerned about lack of fish in Lake Guntersville

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – “Guntersville’s notoriety is it’s one of the best lakes in the country to fish.”

Over the years, there’s been a decrease in the fish population in Lake Guntersville, and one group is ready to take action and fix the problem.

“In February we are going to Montgomery to address the State Conservation Board about restocking,” says Sharon Thomas of the Lake Guntersville Conservation Group.

The Conservation Group is looking to the State for the funds to restock the lake.  The group fears that the lack of fish could affect tourism in the City of Guntersville.

“You want the tournaments. You want the big tournaments. You want the ‘out of towners’ to come and have a good time,” says Sharon.  “And you’ve got to have supply and demand. And to me you cannot deplete what you’ve got.”

Sharon says she is looking for the support of the local chambers and commissioners before meeting with the state officials.

“We need to meet with some of the local businesses and let them know how crucial it is to this endeavor we’re trying to do to have the money to restock, because they are the ones who suffer: the bait and tackle shops, the motels, the eateries.”

The Conservation Group is also looking at possibly lowering the maximum number of fish you can take take home.