What does Senator Jeff Sessions Attorney General nomination mean for Alabama?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  President-elect Donald Trump has offered Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions the job of Attorney General. Sessions was the first senator to endorse Trump.

We wanted to know what it would mean for Alabama if Sessions becomes Attorney General.

WHNT News 19's political analyst Jess Brown said it's likely Sessions will be confirmed for Attorney General. He believes a vacant senate seat would impact Alabamians more than Sessions holding the office of Attorney General.

Why does he think that?

Essentially any politician can run for Sessions senate seat, not win and still keep their current office.

"Politicians that want to run for this get what we call a free ride," said Brown.

In a regular election, a choice would have to be made. The person interested in running would either need to not seek re-election for their current position, or not run for the senate seat.

Brown told WHNT News 19 there are also benefits for state senators with less household name recognition to run. The reason is because they won't have to spend as much money.

"Odd number year, and there are no other campaigns. Every political ad is noticed more," Brown explained.

Congressman Mo Brooks has expressed interest in running for the seat, which could create the domino effect. If he did, and secured the seat, that would mean North Alabama voters would have to go to the polls again. Voters would need to elect someone to fill his current position.

"Then if a member of the Alabama legislature is elected to his seat, the people who live in that pocket of North Alabama are going to have an election to fill that spot in the Alabama legislature," said Brown.

If all goes forward with Sessions confirmation, Governor Bentley will need to appoint someone to fill his seat. After that, a special election will be held.


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