AMCOM knows, it takes all sorts of partners to achieve readiness. That’s why there’s an invitation on the table.

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - "Readiness is the Army's #1 priority; there are no other #1's," said General Mark Milley, the Army Chief of Staff.

"Readiness is a team sport," said the Commanding General of the Army's Aviation and Missile Command, AMCOM.

Both of those quotes are big reasons for the upcoming "Advance Planning Briefing for Industry", hosted annually by AMCOM  for some two decades at Redstone Arsenal.

Readiness is all about making sure that soldiers have what they need, when they need it to maintain their aviation and missile equipment.

"It takes a partnership, not only between the military activities, but it also takes a partnership with our industry folks outside the gates, and together if we know each other, and we know what each other's requirements are, and we're transparent about it, then we can do it in a shorter time and cheaper," says Col. Todd Royar, the AMCOM Chief of Staff.

The briefing coming up December 6 through the 8th at AMCOM's Bob Jones Auditorium is all about making the partnership work the best it can.

It's about being transparent says Col. Royar. "We want them to know basically what our requirements are coming up, so they have a better opportunity to prep their proposals and we have a better opportunity to explain what the requirements are," says Col. Royar.

The main requirement is to make sure every soldier of every unit in the field has what they need.

"I think they have an implicit trust that we as a nation will provide them with the best of equipment so they anticipate rightfully, so the folks here at Redstone Arsenal and other locations will work to get them the best equipment, the quickest amount of time so they can do their job, better," says Col. Royar.

Right now there are some 400 companies and businesses signed up for the Advance Briefing. There are still slots available at

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