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TVA makes surprising announcement about Colbert Fossil Plant

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. - TVA has made a surprising announcement concerning a power generation plant in the Shoals. They have decided to tear-down the Colbert Fossil Plant by the end of next year.

Colbert County Commissioner David Black couldn’t believe the news when he got it Thursday morning, “I am disappointed in the decision by TVA.”

Three years ago when TVA made the decision to shut down Colbert Fossil Plant, Black and other commissioners met with TVA leaders.

The plant has been a major power contributor to the valley for decades.

Black believes the decision came from Washington, not the TVA Board of Directors.

111716-david-black“The EPA was making the decision, not TVA,” stated Black. “So I think there was a political agenda against fossil fuels and coal. Secondly, I was concerned about the industrial capacity.”

Meaning, would there be enough power available for future industries locating in Colbert County.

In a release, TVA stated there should be no significant impact with tearing down the coal-burning plant.

Commissioner Black hopes TVA will prepare the site for other industrial or commercial uses.

“We would hope if TVA is involved in economic development that there would be a more aggressive intensity to get that re-purposed,” said Black.

TVA officials said they now move forward with developing a deconstruction plan.

According to TVA, the Colbert Fossil Plant site will be returned to a “brownfield” state through demolition. The existing grade will be covered by three feet of soil.