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Roaches and rats are both on this week’s Restaurant Ratings report

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A McDonald’s connected to a Love’s gas station in Falkville is among one of the lowest health scores we've seen in months.

McDonald's     Score of: 82

64 East Pike Rd.



Rust found in ice machine

Employees not washing hands between changing tasks

Bare hand contact with ready to eat fries

Cheese  being held at room temperature without a time stamp


Hibachi Express on North Memorial Parkway is a repeat offender.

Hibachi Express     Score of: 85

2614 North Memorial Parkway



Food items including raw shrimp, eel, and tuna were being held at hazardous temperatures at the front counter

Thermometers that were present displayed two different readings


Our next two restaurants have the two R’s you never want to see on a health inspection report—roaches and rats.

Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet     Score of: 89

5510 Promenade Point Park



Live roach was found crawling on the floor in the kitchen


Rhoda P’s Restaurant     Score of: 93

312 North Montgomery



Presence of rats in the basement



Sam and Greg’s Pizzeria     Score of: 99

364 Hughes Rd.