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Volunteers lay wreaths in honor of veterans

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The day one organization has been waiting for is finally here! Wreaths for Veterans, a nation-wide initiative, is placing wreaths around the gravesites of veterans to honor them for the holidays.

Home of the free, because of the brave.

That phrase is one of the reasons why several volunteers took to Maple Hill Cemetery to lay wreaths at the graves of fallen heroes.

One of the organization's partners, the Redstone Test Center, is proud to be a part of this day.

"In this partnership, we get that wonderful opportunity to just, for a minute, honor those that gave all," said Commander John Jones with Redstone Test Center. "Say their names, remember their life and hopefully that their family members deal with that and perhaps realize just how special their family member was."

Over 3,000 red bows on thousands of wreaths in Maple Hill Cemetery, all being placed by some with little to no relation to a war fighter.

Although, it doesn't matter where you're from or who ow what you're there for.

"The beauty of this is that its 'A-political,' there is no color, there is no political party involved in any of this," said Commander Jones. "It's simply about Americans and those that gave all."