Parents are honored to leave their kids with Jan Faulkner at Geraldine Elementary School

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DEKALB COUNTY -- From the moment we walked into Jan Faulkner's kindergarten class, we knew we were in for a special treat.

She teaches at Geraldine Elementary School in DeKalb County.

Principal Cody Rowell is honored to have Mrs. Faulkner on staff. "It takes a very special person to teach kindergarten and she is the epitome of a kindergarten teacher," Rowell said.

He said Mrs. Faulkner works hard to make sure her kids stay focused. "She makes things interesting, she does activities that keep them engaged."

Mrs. Faulkner was purely overjoyed and overcome with emotion when she learned she won $319.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Mrs. Faulkner said  tearfully. And, without hesitation, she immediately wanted to share the joy with her students. "We have money for our classroom!  We get to add much stuff to our classroom!"

Geraldine Elementary School's Jan Faulkner celebrates winning $319 with her kindergarteners.

Geraldine Elementary School's Jan Faulkner celebrates winning $319 with her kindergarteners.

Even spending just a short amount of time with this kindergarden teacher, it was easy to see she loves her job every single day.

"It's such a joy to be able to teach children to begin with," Faulkner said. "To know you are touching the lives of children. Every morning I get up knowing they are going to be expecting me to be here for them."

When we presented Faulkner with her award, we read an email from Marilyn Brown who nominated Mrs. Faulkner for the Tools For Teachers Award.

"It's truly a wonderful feeling to have no fears or doubts when leaving your child in someone else's care. For this reason, I nominate Mrs. Jan Faulkner," Brown said in the letter.

Mrs. Faulkner was grateful.

"It means a lot that they have confidence in me and they can leave them here with me. And knowing I will take care of them, and I do, and I love each and every one of them as my own. When I go home, I still worry about them, so I don't leave it here. I take them home. They aren't actually with me, but in my heart they are with me."

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