School system enhances security at campus polling places in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. - School systems across the valley have been developing plans to deal with security at school polling places Tuesday.

In Florence, schools have been used as polling places in the city for years. Although there has never been an issue, Superintendent Janet Womack has seen the unrest across the country and decided to step up security measures.

110716-ld-school-voting-security-1“We do not live in the same environment and the same climate today as we did maybe 20-years ago when schools were polling places, and safety is our number one priority over anything else,” Womack stated.

To achieve the level of security they want, the school system has hired additional officers, assigned system administrators to each school, and they will be defining the areas residents are to use to cast their ballot.

“We have reorganized our routines tomorrow to minimize our student’s interaction in walking across streets in the parking lot or anything that would put them in the path of people that are unfamiliar with being on our campuses,” explained Womack.

Across the country, some school systems have actually cancelled classes to insure students don’t mix with voters. Womack believes their preparations will be enough to keep order on school campuses.

“We think we can achieve the safety that absolutely has to be priority and still run our full operations with instructing students each day.”

Womack has asked parents and residents to use a bit of patience while being on one of the four campuses used for voting on Tuesday. And you may want to consider trying to get to campus a little early due to traffic congestion.

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