Pastor responds to sign “Vote or Pick Cotton”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – If you have driven near Sparkman Drive you've probably seen the "Vote or Pick Cotton" sign at Saint Luke Christian Church.

Some people have praised the sign; others have shown their distaste for the sign by knocking down the letters.

The church's pastor TC Johnson said the sign is supposed to shock people and get them to the polls.

Pastor Johnson says he doesn't really believe the country would erase history and force people to pick cotton.

"For some people it might mean one thing for others, so the sign has multiple meanings, for each individual to grasp it and wrestle with it... Hopefully people will come to understand the significance of voting and how important it is," Johnson said.

Saint Luke Christian Church isn't the only place sharing their thoughts on the election. Some signs read, "Vote Bible Values not Candidates." One church sign says, "The Lord is coming, hopefully before the election."

Some have criticized the signs, because church and state should be separate. Pastor Johnson said he sees the argument, but he hasn't endorsed a candidate.

"I teach people how to obey the law. The Bible talks about honoring those that have a legal responsibility. I teach people to love and be good to their neighbors, and I don't think that state or church differ in those regards," Johnson said.

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