Need a ride to the polls? The NAACP will pick you up

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – With Election Day around the corner, politicians are making their final push while voters make arrangements to voice their choice.

The Limestone County NAACP and chapters across the state offer free rides to voters from 7 am to 6:30 pm.

The rides are not for any particular group or party.

“The NAACP is nonpartisan,” explained state NAACP president Benard Simelton. “The only thing we’re encouraging is that people go to polls and vote for the person of their choice.”

They also will have poll watchers at different polling locations, it’s something they’ve always done.

“But now we’re emphasizing it more, we’re having more of the branches going out into the community because this is the first time that we’ve had a national election that we’re not under the protection of the voting rights act of 1965,” said Simelton.

They also have lawyers on hand statewide to make sure no voters are dissuaded or disenfranchised.

You’re also reminded to vote in local elections.

For any voters who have problems casting their ballot, Simelton suggests you get a provisional ballot while you work to clear up any discrepancies.

To make arrangements for a ride, call 256-444-1300.

The Limestone County NAACP will also be watching the results at an election return party beginning at 6 p.m. at its offices at 17308 U.S. 72 West.

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