Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation exposing kids to music early

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Decatur, Ala. (WHNT) - Music is a powerful teaching tool. One local organization truly believes that and is making sure students in our area are exposed to it as much as possible. WHNT NEWS 19 Pays it Forward to the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation.

Music reaches deep. It teaches, inspires and uplifts.

"It's been essential as long as I can remember," says musician Microwave Dave.

Music teaches and inspires.

"We really want to help these students with the creative process," explains Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation Board President Evan Billiter.

Music uplifts.

"I think there is so much value in music," says musician Claire Lynch. "It makes people happy. Let's don't forget that. It's a gift."

It's a gift that musicians Microwave Dave and Claire Lynch shared with about 150 Morgan County students at Decatur's Princess Theatre. Both artists support the idea of early exposure to music, since they are products of it.

"I don't think I'd be who I am today if it hadn't been for choir class at Whitesburg Middle School in Huntsville," says Lynch.

"The idea of performing music came to me when I was in the 4th grade in Dallas, Texas in the mid 1950s," recalls Microwave Dave. "An international band came to our elementary school to put on a performance in the school and it was amazing."

The Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation organized the special performance while Lynch was in town for a joint concert. However, it regularly holds "Concerts in the Classroom" with local musicians.

"We know that music can be great in performance and it's entertaining," explains Billiter. "We are learning more about how we can incorporate music into the curriculum."

Billiter hopes the concept grows and they can reach even more kids.

"How does history affect music, how does music affect history, science and math and English and all the subjects," says Billiter. "How can we make it a fun thing for these kids to learn through music."

Some of the donations to the foundation, like our $319, go to local musicians that visit the schools. Microwave Dave considers it a win-win by providing paying jobs for local artists, another resource for teachers and a unique experience for students.

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