All votes do matter in a state that is expected to stay “red”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - You hear it said all the time: 'Every vote counts.' Even in states like Alabama, which are expected to go "red" after Tuesday's election, other party leaders said it's still crucial to fill out your ballot.

"Votes have consequences," Madison County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Ryan said. "Everybody needs to vote."

Ryan cannot fathom why you would not exercise your right to vote.

"If everybody thinks that, well, there's no use in voting because it's a Republican-dominated state, well then you might as well live in Russia or Korea where you have a one party system," Ryan said.

Although Alabama is expected to stay red during this general election, Ryan said those on his side of the spectrum have a voice.

"It's only cynical and lazy to say my vote doesn't make any difference," Ryan said. "Everyone's vote makes a difference."

Everyone's vote makes a difference in the days, months, years after the election.

"Especially voting Democratic is going to encourage more people to run under the Democratic banner in the future," Ryan said.

That goes for any party in the country's political system, votes which foster the future of our democracy.

"If people don't vote and they don't vote for a particular party, then there are going to be other parties that grow up to address people's needs," Ryan said.

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