Alabama churches post signs encouraging people to vote

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – With one day away from elections several churches are encouraging people to head to the polls. Some signs say "Vote or Pick Cotton" or "The Lord is Coming Hopefully Before the Election."

But you won't catch Huntsville Christian Church posting any signs.  Currently their marquee talks about a sermon people can listen to about generosity. Associate Minister Andy Ellingwood said they encourage their members to head to the polls, but they don't tell them who to vote for.

They don't feel the need to post about the election, but they do tell people to go vote. Ellingwood said ultimately it's up to God. "Here's the thing, God already knows who's going to win the election, either way no matter who wins the election; we still believe God is in control and it's his ultimate plan," Ellingwood said.

He said some candidates don't support the same ideas as the church, but the church wouldn't tell members not to vote for someone. "During election time we want, or like it to be where people use the Bible to pick who they would like to vote for based upon their belief and morals," Ellingwood said.

Ellingwood doesn't have anything negative to say about churches that have posted signs, but they will not do it.

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