TAKING ACTION: Do’s and Don’ts of the ballot box

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - For several weeks, Elections Administrators have been preparing, double checking voting machines and packing materials to be delivered to 72 polling locations in Madison County alone.

"The delivery process, the staging process, for getting all the materials out is a complicated one," said Madison County Elections Administrator, Frank Barger.

There are some things, Barger says, they can't stress enough. Things that make the voting process go a lot smoother.

"Have a piece of acceptable photo identification," Barger said. "You can look at the acceptable list on our website. Most everyone is going to present a driver license, but make sure you have your photo identification with you."

Depending on when you go to cast your vote, can relieve stress on both you and Elections Administrators.

"Peak times for voting are first thing in the morning, lunch time, and at the end of the day, and I would highly recommend if you have the ability, to vote mid-morning or mid-afternoon if your schedule permits it because we're going to be crowded morning, middle of the day, and in the evening," said Barger.

He adds timing is everything. If you're in line to vote at 7 p.m., you are entitled to cast your vote. But if you show up late, after 7 p.m., you will not be permitted.