Zipcar and Uber have options to help get you to the polls on election day

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--As we know, the elections are right around the corner, and voter turn out is expected to be up this year. But, voter turn out is based solely on who is able to make it to the polls. What about the people that don't have a ride? For some, that's no longer a concern. Zipcar has launched a 'Drive the Vote' campaign, offering their members free vehicles from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on election night.

"Our Zipcar members can then make a reservation on any of the vehicles we do have in Huntsville, it's gonna be free of charge and it's a solution for last minute voters, we want to give them ample enough time afterwards if they end up having to wait in line," said Zipcar southeast General Manager Vilaire Lazard.

Lazard said Zipcar has six vehicles available in Huntsville.

"We really hope that this does encourage them to go ahead and use a Zipcar if you don't have any other transportation to make it to the polls," he said.

Lazard said with this effort they're just trying to do their part to help people get out and vote, because it's so important.

"Everybody's vote does count so we're hoping that we can assist in the success and to this election year," he said.

Uber is also offering up an election based opportunity. On Tuesday, they will remind users to vote when they open the app. And though they're rides won't be free, on election day the Uber app, in partnership with Google, will let you type in your location and locate your polling place for you.

You can begin to make your Zipcar reservation for Tuesday night here.