Huntsville Hospital delivers wellness programs to employers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Greg Screws and I have been on a journey to living healthier. I’ll admit I feel better.  Between the two of us, we’ve lost almost 50 pounds. We've had some help along the way with our lifestyle team from Huntsville Hospital. And some of our coworkers here at WHNT News 19 are now also on the Health Matters train!

When Greg and I embarked on our better health journey, we were focusing on losing weight and exercising. We're both killing it right now in the gym and on the scales. I started out at 232 pounds! I’m now down to 212 which means I’ve lost 20 pounds since we started in early August.  And I've lowered my body mass index or BMI from 35 to 30. I still have a few pounds to shed though before I get where I want to be.

One thing we both hoped to do was inspire others to joining us on the road to getting healthier. And last week, more than a third of our coworkers took advantage of a health wellness screening here at work. The Corporate Wellness Team from Huntsville Hospital spent the day here taking our blood pressure, checking weight and height to determine our BMI and taking blood to check for cholesterol and diabetes.

Rachel Murie is a corporate wellness analyst. “We have a few that are a little nervous about the blood work,” she said. “But we’ve got some great phlebotomists so they put them at ease.”

Wellness screenings are a way to show employees the company cares about them and their health. “But it’s also important to know where you are in your health,” Rachel added. “We have a lot of people who don’t like going to the doctor but sometimes if it’s actually [in their office] then they’ll come and do it just because it’s easy and other friends are doing it.”

Every company is different. So the wellness team will customize the program to meet the needs of workers. And it doesn't matter whether there are 20 or 1,000 employees. “Changing behavior in individuals is one of the hardest things in the world to do,” said nurse manager Heather Whorton. “So what we try to do is come up with ways that we can engage the employees to get them to make these changes.”

One way to do that is following up the screening with a health coaching session where they go over your test results.  Heather added, “It gets the employee engaged and gets some understanding that this is really serious.” We’ll be doing our one-on-one health coaching next week.

The corporate wellness services are part of the hospital’s Wellness Works Program for employers. And once again, it doesn't matter whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees, the Huntsville Hospital wellness team would love to work with you. To contact them, just click this link:

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