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Outgoing Madison Mayor Troy Trulock talks about legacy and his future

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Troy Trulock

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Mayor Troy Trulock’s days in office are numbered. His portrait on the City Hall wall will soon come down.  “It’s just been an absolute pleasure and a joy to be able to work with a great team like this,” he says.

With new beginnings, comes an opportunity to reflect. “We sometimes forget that as elected officials, we’re supposed to be servant leaders and we’re here to serve our community and serve our citizens and I’ve been proud to do that,” says Trulock.

After four years as mayor, Trulock says he’s most proud of obtaining S&P’s highest financial rating for cities, a double A+ score.

“2013-14 were very tough years but 2015-16, we turned it completely around and so we have more businesses than ever,” he says.

As for what he’ll do next, he says his first priority will be knocking off some long-term items on his wife’s “Honey-Do” list, but that he’ll eventually get back to work.  “I have great friends out there that have reached out and said I’d like for you to be apart of our team so I’ll go back to the DOD or the NASA side, which is where I’m from and that’s what I really enjoy doing,” says Trulock.

He also didn’t rule out running for office again.  “I can’t say that I’m really, that I’m planning to stay in politics forever but if another servant leader role came around and it’s the right thing to do for that organization, community, whatever, I’d at least explore it,” he says.

Mayor Trulock says, regardless of what his next step will be, it will keep him in the City of Madison. With that in mind, he’s cheering for his opponent’s success. “I feel like this group came in, we raised the bar, and I expect the next administration come in and raise the bar even higher,” says Trulock.