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#ICYMI: Stories you may have missed this week that will make you smile and scowl

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In case you missed it, here are some stories that made us smile and scowl this week.

Huge premium hikes

We'll start with those BIG premium hikes coming for millions who bought health insurance through The White House confirmed some premiums could jump 25 percent or more for 2017.

Ready to panic? Don't worry yet. You may qualify for subsidies that offset the cost.

To browse plan prices ahead of open enrollment's start on November 1st, click here.

A father's ashes stolen

Sharita Thomas's father just recently died of cancer. She cremated his remains, planning to divide them among family.

She never got the chance. Someone broke into her car and stole a box in the backseat with her father's ashes inside.

"I feel like I lost my daddy all over again. How do you lose a parent twice?" Thomas sobbed, during an interview with us.

Click here to watch the full story...

...and if you have any information that could help crack this case and get the ashes returned, contact police!

Alabama students prefer Trump, mostly

More than 170,000 students voted recently in Alabama schools, in a mock election. Donald Trump was the overall winner, grabbing 43 percent of the vote. Hillary Clinton was next with 38 percent of the vote.

Some surprises? Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson won Huntsville High School and St. John Paul II Catholic Church. Green Party Candidate Jill Stein won Lauderdale County High. To see how YOUR child's school voted, click here.

Standing up for a brother

Lex Camilleri impressed the world this week by penning a moving note, after a classmate called her autistic brother "weird." Camilleri was really upset, so she wrote down her thoughts for a better world and planned to bring up disability awareness at her school council's next meeting.

Here's a look at the note, as posted to Facebook:

Nice work Lex!