Ghost or Hoax? Picture from Huntsville Ghost Walk spooks social media!

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Many sign up for the Huntsville Ghost Walk, hoping for a history lesson.  “There’s so much to Huntsville with the old houses and all the history and everything," says Lori Henrikson.

With the many stories shared along the way, that's all but guaranteed. But Lori got much, much more.  Our own Robert Reeves was the guide for her trip. While stopping by one of the more haunted houses, Lori decided to take this picture:



Unedited, it's hard to see. “After he got done talking... I looked at my photo that I had on my phone and there was this image on the side," says Lori.

But if you zoom in, and increase the brightness...



“I was like, goodness, could that be a ghost?" says Lori.

Before you skeptics get started, I asked what you're all probably wondering. Was there anyone standing behind Robert? " No, there was no one around," says Lori.  "It was totally pitch black.”

The guides say this isn't the first time this spirit has been spotted. According to them, he's no Casper either.  “He’s not a nice ghost. He is a ghost that lives there that doesn’t like people to come around so his arms are crossed very sternly," she says.

For Lori, the picture is all the evidence she needs.  “I think there are ghosts that are in this area and to hear stories and to actually see some things is remarkable," she says.

So is it a spirit from the beyond? Or is it just a coincidence in the dark? There's no right answer, obviously, but perhaps guide Jacque Reeves gives the best one.  “If you don’t believe in ghosts, no proof is enough. If you believe in ghosts, no proof is necessary," says Reeves.