Fearless! Why the President of a Huntsville Defense Contractor says that is the word to remember

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Back in 2002 Dynetics, and two other Huntsville companies combine forces and started a separate company.

The job of the new business was to go after the support contract for the Army's Space and Missile Defense Command. The new company won that contract.  Bill Best would eventually become President of the  company, and in 2009 borrowed money to buy it.

The company became, INTREPID. "Intrepid means fearless and brave, and when we founded this company back in 2009, the country was not in a good spot fiscally. And several bankers told me I had to be fearless to do something like this," says INTREPID President, and CEO Bill Best.

Best of course, did do it. Today INTREPID has a hundred employees who are actually the company's owners. Most of them are scattered around Redstone Arsenal supporting various projects.

The list of supported agencies includes the Missile Defense Agency,  and the Army Aviation and Missile Command. Also, INTREPID still has the complex and detailed work of supporting SMDC.

"We're an example of a group of employees getting together and rolling up our sleeves, and making something happen," says Best.

The effect of INTREPID's work with missile programs and aviation likely not known by soldiers in the field. In this case, what they don't know doesn't hurt them at all.

"I do think that the primary goal that we all serve here in Huntsville is insuring technical superiority for the war fighter. It's all about the war fighter, and that's what we're here for. We help out customers accomplish their missions, and that's the bottom line," says INTREPID's Bill Best.

INTREPID is just one of dozens, if not hundreds of companies that have formed in north Alabama over the years to help the defense effort.

Bill Best says Silicon Valley, the Research Triangle in North Carolina, and north Alabama are three of the best places in the world, to start a new business.