Jackson County continues park renovations and seeks future projects

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Construction continues in the Jackson County Park.  Cabins are being added to the area.  Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says the goal is to make the Jackson County Park a resort for those coming to visit.

"Once that project is done we're looking forward to getting those rented out and seeing the revenue on that, so we can start to pay for that project and hopefully do some more improvements around the park on the next several years," says Commissioner Hodges.

The County Commission hopes to expand their parks and recreations in the area and say that amendments like amendment two on the ballot could be a big help in achieving that.

"The Amendment two that's on the ballot is obviously important to state parks throughout Alabama," says Hodges.  "The importance for our park system to be able to maintain funding and reinvest that funding into their lands and properties."

Parks like Jackson County and Goose Pond Colony are examples of what the future can hold, and they'll continue to invest in their county.

"It's the same thing we're doing with our county park project. We're investing in hopes that we can take that investment in the future, and if we need it for the general fund it can be used there but the goal would be what Amendment two seeks to do."

The added investment in the parks would not only help with maintenance and expansion but also add to the revenue that Jackson County desperately needs.