Dancing to make an impact: Marshall County students participate in Pink Glove Dance

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — Marshall County students are dancing their way to making an impact by participating in the Pink Glove Dance , and the proceeds  are going straight to help their community.

“We are doing our annual Pink Glove Dance, which is for breast cancer awareness,” explains  Marshall Technical School Health Science Instructor Suzann Peppers, “It’s something that I have picked up while I have been a health science instructor here, because it’s a way for health care providers to promote breast cancer awareness and increase the awareness in the community.”
Tuesday morning students at the school donned pink, pink gloves, and glow sticks and danced their way through the day.  “It’s the whole school, but my program, which is the medical program, is the one that organizes it,” Peppers says,  “We’re actually impacting the mammography program at Marshall Medical Centers. We’ve raised over 1,000 dollars for the mammography program.”

The students and staff raised the money through fundraisers and events within the school.  So, throughout the day,  the students will dance their way to making an impact, and learn the importance of helping others.  “I’ve had breast cancer survivors come in and talk throughout the day, and talk about how this is impacting their life, and how it’s helping them, because they are survivors,” Peppers says.