Parents react to Durham’s School Bus Tracker

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  Nichole Stone first contacted WHNT News 19 a few months prior. She said her son who rides the bus with Huntsville City Schools  didn't show up on time at 3:30. She said she tried to get a hold of Durham School Services and the school, but had no luck.

"The police finally pulled over the bus at 4:50. I had no communication with Durham and no communication with anybody," Stone said.

But since then Durham School Services released the Durham Bus tracker app for parents. The app became active Monday. Huntsville city schools said parents should have received a letter about the app earlier in the week.

"I got a phone call and it said I will get a letter in the mail. I have not received that, so the only way we knew how to long on was through you. We used the state student ID," Stone said. Stone used the app and was able to track her child's bus.

When she logged in all she could see was her child's bus and the app gave her the option to view the map in several versions, like satellite form. She said she couldn't figure out how to directly email Durham through the app, which was one of the features the app should have provided, according to Huntsville City Schools.

"The app shows me where the bus is, which wasn't really the problem I had to begin with. It was the communication to find out if my child was on the bus," Stone said.

Stone said when she calls Durham main call center she has received quicker response times. But she feels as though the app will make parents feel better, but it doesn't solve the problem of "Did my child get on the bus or not."


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