Decatur fullback quietly making a big impact for the Red Raiders

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DECATUR, Ala. - There are a lot of reasons the Decatur high school football teams has a 7-1 record this season.  Quarterback Alec Marks is having a strong season and so is running back Ladarius Woods, but a big reason for their success is a player you've probably never hear of.   Fullback Jalen Martin doesn't get a lot of recognition, but his role s immeasurable.  "We're an I offense and he's an I fullback doesn't touch the ball much, but yet there's a lot of guys behind him getting a lot of carries that's got a lot of yardage,"  Decatur head coach Jere Adcock said.  "He's the unsung hero."


That really doesn't bother Martin, he's a selfless player that his head coach calls one of the best kid he's ever been around.  His name doesn't get said over the speakers at Ogle Stadium, but he says as long as the Red Raiders keep winning that's all he cares about.  "It's about a team thing. I do my job, they do theirs. It's a team effort."  That doesn't mean Martin hasn't thought about scoring a touchdown, but of if he doesn't find pay dirt that's okay with him too.  "Yeah I do, I do," Martin said.  "But if I don't it's cool."