Write in candidate wants Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison’s seat

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Angela Whaley is running as a write-in candidate against current 3 term District Six Madison County Commissioner Bob Harrison. Whaley said some leaders have lost their perspective, and are no longer aligned with the voice of the people.

"I think I really do have a shot, because people are really engaged for change and people realize they have power with their vote", Whaley said. She believes Commissioner Harrison has done well, but hasn't been operating at his his best.

"You  have the potential to do 100 percent and you're operating at 30 percent. Most of us would feel like we need to do something about it", Whaley said.

Whaley said she's looking to go in and work with the city and the other county commissioners.

We asked Commissioner Harrison about how he feels about Whaley running against him. He seemed to be confident he would win.

"I have no response or comment about the individuals I'm on the Hilary Clinton ticket. I have no Republican opposition," Commissioner Harrison said.

He said he didn't even know who Angela Whaley was.

"I have no comment or even an understanding of who she is", Commissioner Harrison said.

"Commissioner Harrison is aware of me, but I'm not surprised by his response because it goes right along with why we need the change" Whaley said. The ultimate decision will be left up to the voters.