Two known drug houses demolished in “Box Alley” neighborhood in Athens

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ATHENS, Ala. - Construction crews started working early Tuesday morning to help Athens city officials make a dent in the drug traffic in one community: Box Alley.

"For about three decades this particular area was the center of the drug activity for Limestone County," District Attorney Brian Jones said as he watched crews tear a condemned house down. "That smell is 30 years of gambling, prostitution and drug addiction."

Jones, alongside other city and county officials as well as neighbors, watched as crews demolished two homes. Jones said this is the first of several in the area that will face this same fate.

"You will never be able to sell drugs out of these houses ever again," Jones said. "The law-abiding citizens who live in this community can go to bed at night and not worry about drugs."

Jones said city leaders have worked for years to get these houses down. He added the city can't just tear down any home they want. They must follow a certain protocol including condemning the property and finding the titles.