Lauderdale County supporters of Amendment 2 gather to discuss its importance

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. - This afternoon in Rogersville, the Alabama State Parks Director was surrounded by local supporters of Amendment 2. They gathered at the crown jewel of eastern Lauderdale County.

Rogersville is known for its fishing, boating, and golf; three activities which take place at Joe Wheeler State Park.

Mayor Richard Herston will be the first to tell you, if Joe Wheeler shut down, it would be catastrophic for his town. It’s the reason why he supports Amendment 2.

“This is not another tax,” Mayor Herston said. “This is a way of protecting the parks without costing anyone anything extra.”

Mayor Herston and other supporters are standing behind parks director Greg Lein and his push for Amendment 2.

“The not knowing has crippled our ability to budget and plan. It’s been living hand-to-mouth, and that’s no way for these million dollar investments to operate,” Greg Lein stated.

Lein has seen first-hand the devastation left behind when legislators take money out-of-their-pockets. Since 2012, he has watched millions of dollars be transferred into other state agencies.

“This essentially closes the backdoor,” explained Lein. “You know, money’s coming in the front door through the customers and it’s going out the backdoor through these transfers. This closes that door and it nails it shut.”

Lein said they just want the parks to be properly funded, and remain for future generations to come. So he is asking for a vote of “Yes” to Amendment 2.

According to Lein, Amendment 2 will ensure that guest fees from the parks stay in the parks to help support maintenance and capital investments.