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Huntsville Church holds Prayer Service for Presidential Election

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The word sanctuary doesn't just describe a house of worship, it also means a place of refuge or safety. With this year's stinging political attacks from both sides of the aisle, several members of Lakeside UMC took refuge in their sanctuary Tuesday night, to step away from partisan politics, and bow their heads in prayer.

“We gather together in this place to remember that our identity is not rooted in political affiliations, but in our covenant with God who created us in God’s own image," says Rev. Thomas Muhomba, Senior Pastor of Lakeside United Methodist Church.

“Elections have always been surrounded by rhetoric and controversy," says Kerri-Noelle Humphrey, a member of Lakeside UMC. “It’s more important what happens in the church house, than what happens in the White House and we firmly believe it and we believe if there’s anything we need, that we turn to our Father in Heaven.”

There was no political grandstanding from the pulpit; no directions on how to vote - only the encouragement to use that right.  “We understand that every vote is important," she says.

Humphrey says Christians should look to the Gospel, and not the talking points of campaign surrogates.  “That is when our Christian faith is most important, so we want to make sure we hear His voice before we pull the lever," she says.

With three weeks until Election Day arrives, she hopes other voters will do the same soul searching before America picks our next leader.  “Understanding that that is the ultimate vote, is to vote your heart, vote your convictions, vote your Christianity, vote your faith, and vote in Jesus Christ," says Humphrey.

The last day to register to vote in the state of Alabama is Monday, October 24th.