Colbert County Superintendent cleared in ethics complaint

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. - A Shoals area superintendent has been cleared of any wrong-doing by the state ethics commission.

On Friday, Colbert County Interim Superintendent Gale Satchel received official notice the complaints had been dismissed.

She admits the last year of her life has not been the easiest. But when Satchel opened her mail on Friday - she said she rejoiced.

101716-gale-satchel_web-pic“Basically, it summarizes that you have been cleared of all charges and I can move on with my life,” explained Satchel.

Earlier this year, a Colbert County resident filed an ethics complaint with the state on Satchel. The complaint claimed she used her position with the Colbert County School System for personal gain.

Three of the five allegations were investigated which dated back to January of 2013.

“It has been a challenge to keep going every day, to smile when you know there are people out there with an element of hate against you, with no personal reasons against you. It’s just something they wanted to do and they had a personal agenda for,” said Satchel while holding back her emotions.

Satchel said she knew all along she had not done anything wrong. But she says having those types of allegations brought against you does take a toll.

On Friday, she said she was able to go out and live a normal life once again.

“I had a great time watching my son perform on the field,” said Satchel. “It was a different experience for me, because I haven’t had that sense of relief in almost a year now.”

Satchel said she can now focus all of her attention and energy on the school system and the students they are teaching.

Gale Satchel was elected by Colbert County voters to the position of superintendent, and will officially take office in January. She was appointed to the position by the school board after the former superintendent stepped down.