Make-A-Wish Foundation makes its first stop in North Alabama with ‘Punkin Chunkin’

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- Rain may not be falling from the sky like we're all hoping for, but pumpkins sure did on Saturday in Big Spring Park.

The 'Punkin Chunkin' event was the first time the Make-A-Wish Foundation has made an appearance in North Alabama and they had high hopes for the turn out.

"We have 95 kids that are currently waiting for their wishes to be granted, and so this is a way that we can ensure that happens," said Lacy Patrick with Make-A-Wish's North Alabama council.

All proceeds from the day will go towards granting those 95 kids in the North Alabama area their wishes. Patrick said the event really showed the kids how supported they are by the community

"These kids have life threatening medical conditions and sometimes it just takes a little smile or a little fun to brighten their day and to help them keep going and fighting," she said.

Megan Roberts was one of those kids. Her wish for an Irish creme golden retriever was granted when she was 16. She and her dog Dove share a special bond.

"She's really helped me when I was trying to recover because you know it was fun to play with her and we took her on walks and so  it really just kind of helped me get through that," she explained.

Megan is a Huntsville native. She said finally having an event in her hometown means a lot, because it makes it more personal.

"It's one thing to see things on the news or to see people you know granting wishes to kids but it's another thing that's special if you're doing it in the town with your own community," she said.

Megan's wish came true, and now she wants to use her wish to help other kids. She's training Dove to be a service dog.

"We can take her into hospitals and let you know kids love on her that you know are in the same position," she said.

Make-A-Wish said they saw tremendous support from the community for this first time event. They are hoping to make the 'Punkin Chunkin' an annual fundraiser here in Huntsville.

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