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Ongoing drought affects Desoto State Park

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MENTONE, Ala. –  “Well I’ve been up here five, maybe six times. This is the least water I think I’ve ever seen over the falls,” says a frequent visitor.

Desoto State Park is a huge attraction for those visiting Mentone and other parts of Dekalb County in the fall, and it’s known for the fall colors and natural entities.

“The scenery is still beautiful, the colors are still there. They are coming, but there’s no water and I think folks are disappointed that they didn’t get to see the water fall in its full force,” says Ken Thomas, park superintendent.

Thomas says this weather isn’t at all normal and they’ve never seen it this dry.

“We really wish it’d be raining more. It’s usually dry this time of year, but this is an exceptionally dry year.”

The drought has even affected those camping on the grounds. While they can have a small outdoor cooking and fire pits for now, they cannot burn their debris.

“Folks want to have their campfire when they’re here. Just makes the experience that much better,” says Thomas.

But as for right now, all they can do is just wait.

“We just cross our fingers that rain’s in the forecast.”

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